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Project tittle: Silent Movie


“Mr. West’s Amazing Adventures in the Bolshevik Country”

directed by Lew Kuleszow, USSR 1924, 56 min.
starring: Porfiri Podobed, Boris Barnet, Aleksandra Chochlowa, Wsiewolod Pudowkin and others.


The project had its premiere in March during the Second Silent Film Festival in Warsaw’s Iluzjon Theater. The idea of combining contemporary music artists with old film projects is not an original one, but as it turned out, is inspired by musicians who are able to improvise. The first film that was shown at the festival was the masterpiece “Mr. West’s Amazing Adventures in the Bolshevik Country”, directed by Lew Kuleszow from Russia in the year 1924, a satire about the relationship between the West and then-Soviet Russia. The accordionists of Motion Trio performed brilliantly during the showing of this moving film, their emotions building as the film progressed. The most interesting scenes were the comical ones during which the three accordionists performed as true virtuosos, changing the tempo and taking full advantage of the sounds their instruments are able to produce. The leader of the group, Janusz Wojtarowicz, performed with such emotion that he broke the chair he was sitting on, a truly accidental occurrence.


Marek Dusz, “Rzeczpospolita”

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